So what's the problem

We tried to solve a problem you perhaps didn't know you had. 

Regular Toothbrush holders usually contain a considerable amount of bacteria we love to refer to as the "gunk". That liquid is a breeding ground for germs and unfortunately its the 3rd worst place in the home for germ accumulation.

Our unique design features a Voronoi pattern giving maximum airflow to allow your toothbrush to dry quicker thus reducing the amount of gunk produced. This combined with our absorbent PommePads means you vastly decrease the risk of illness from those bathroom nasties

We like to think they are 'Fabulous and Functional'           

Our range of 'Pomme' includes our luxury stainless steel version hand finished in the UK with rose gold effect, copper effect, chrome effect & bronze., these functional pieces of 3D art featured in the 'Grand Designs' House at the recent live show.

Our luxury range feature two large holes which easily fit two electric toothbrushes or toothpaste, some of our customers also like to use them as a bathroom tidy and also pop in their razors, make up brushes or tweezers inside

We also have our single hole plastic version and our planet champion & vegan friendly "Plant" Pomme made from 100% vegetable oil. 

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Key Features

  • Crafted from premium materials, our toothbrush holder prevents the build up of harmful germs and bacteria
  • Smart Ventilation System. The voronoi design allows for optimal airflow ensuring that your toothbrush holder dries quickly and reduces moisture build up.
  • Universal Compatibility. Designed to accommodate all standard toothbrush sizes. Pomme is versatile and convenient for every member of the family.
  • Easy Installation. Setting up your “Pomme” is hassle-free and takes just seconds.
  • Sleek and Modern. Elevating your bathroom aesthetic, and designed to complement any décor. Fabulous and functional


"Pomme have created the perfect solution to the messy toothbrush pot holder problem, plus it looks amazing in my bathroom"   Rachael from Rachael Matthews Artisan Tables May 2024